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Over a thousand years ago a group of 12 Christian monks embarked on a journey to an isolated island off the coast of Ireland. They established a monastery atop its peak that was renowned for its holiness and many legends surrounding the island were passed down over the centuries. The monks one the island have also been credited as preservers of culture during a dark time in the world, when the Roman Empire fell and Europe was in chaos.

On this website you will embark on a journey to discover what motivated these Christian monks and how their lives remain an inspiration today. In the process you will learn their story, a story that will captivate, inspire and enlighten.

Who were the monks of Skellig Michael?

“Not all those who wander are lost:” Why medieval monks founded a monastery on Skellig Michael
“Walk like an Egyptian:” How the first monks of Skellig Michael were inspired by Egyptian hermits
Why Irish monks chose such a cold, harsh and distant place for a monastery
Here is a perfect summary of the warrior monks who lived on Skellig Michael
Did the monks on Skellig Michael save the Western world from the Dark (Side)?
The Barbarians Strike Back: How Europe was Plunged into the Dark Ages
How the wandering monks of Ireland created a thriving Christian culture
What did the monks on Skellig Michael do all day?


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In July, the journey comes to life through a new breathtaking comic book. Created by Philip Kosloski, the comic book features artwork from Michael LaVoy and Marvel/DC Comics veteran Jim Fern.

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