While much has been written about the architectural feats achieved by the monks on the lonely island, little has been discussed about the daily life of the religious hermits. What was it like 1,000 years ago? Why did the monks choose Skellig Michael? What was their spirituality like? Why did they leave and never return? In this short book, the life of these ancient monks is described and illustrated in an accessible way to those simply curious to know a little more about these mysterious hermits. What’s even more surprising is how closely these monks resemble the Jedi who have brought the island to life in the latest Star Wars universe.


THE LAST MONKS OF SKELLIG MICHAEL is an ongoing comic series that explores the radical life and exciting adventures of the ancient monastic community on the famous island. It is aimed at both teen and adult audiences. In creating this comic book a great emphasis was put on crafting an engaging story while matching it with equally stunning visuals.